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Social Innovation Summit

Social Innovation Summit is one of the biggest yearly summits for social innovation in the Nordic region. A meeting point for entrepreneurs, change makers, investors and innovators, politicians and policy makers from all sectors of the society. Where they are creating solutions to the major challenges society is facing today – together. We identify key issues of the future, work across sectors and together develop new knowledge on social innovation.

Why Social Innovation Summit?

The major challenges the world is facing today demands new methods, new ways of working, and new ways of thinking. By organizing Social Innovation Summit, we are providing a gathering point where all sectors can meet and together face these challenges by sharing and creating solutions for these vital questions of the future.

Who is behind Social Innovation Summit?

Forum for Social Innovation Sweden (FSIS) at Malmö University is the team behind Social Innovation Summit. FSIS is Sweden’s collective national knowledge platform for social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Together with academia, the business-, public- and non-profit sector, we are building capacity for innovation, that will meet today’s challenges in society. Read more about us here »

About Social Innovation Summit

Social Innovation Summit takes place in Malmö once a year. It lasts for two days, and welcomes more than 600 participants each year since its inauguration in 2015. Themes and focal questions vary every year, but the Summit always offers a program with keynote-speakers, master classes, workshops and roundtable discussions. Speakers and participants come from all sectors and industries, all focusing on innovation and concrete examples of social innovation, in different ways.

In addition to this multifaceted program, Social Innovation Summit is a multitudinous meeting point, an arena gathering organizations and individuals from all sectors and from multiple countries. In our Summit Salon, we share knowledge and experiences with each other, get inspiration from all over the country and around the world, as well as initiating and developing collaborations. This is why, besides the program, we have a multitude of different concepts in the Summit Salon, where participants are offered experiences, activities and a generous meeting space.

Previous summits

Social Innovation Summit 2017

This years theme is Creating Value, read about it here

Social Innovation Summit 2016

Social Innovation Summit 2016 took place on 25-26 October, and we returned to Slagthuset in Malmö. The theme of the year was “Where social challenges drives innovation”. New for this year was a special focus on challenges within jobs, health, and integration. These three areas – with connection to social innovation – had a half day each, with different sessions highlighting everything from the latest news, to concrete and inspirational examples. The last half day focused on Method, with examples from different organizations and experts that shared their knowledge of HOW to make social innovation happen.

Some of the highlights from the list of speakers where Caroline Casey (Kanchi), Ann Mettler (European Political Strategy Center), Lisa Lindström (Doberman), Amelie Silfverstolpe (Axfoundation), Johan H Andresen (Ferd), Louise Pulford (SIX), State Secretary Niklas Johansson, Leonardo Quattrucci (EU-commissions think tank), Louise Samet (Norrsken Foundation) and many more.

Kunskapskanalen sände live från hela summiten via sin egen kanal. mind, open heart och öppen vilja! Hoppas alla är nyfikna och

Through a joint exhibition, FSIS took the chance to present several of the nominees for the 100 social innovations project, many of them also took the chance and pitched on the Pop-Up stage in the Summit Salon. Social Innovation Summit 2016 had about 650 visitors and the attention and outreach from media grew – again we were trending on Swedish Twitter. During this year’s Summit, a global launch took place: Språkkraft launched the world’s first TV Play service for learning language. Kunskapskanalen broadcasted live from the entire Summit, via their own TV channel. On the opening day of the Social Innovation Summit 2016, FSIS published a debate article in Dagens Samhälle, about the need for a Swedish policy lab for social innovation.

All resources from Social Innovation Summit 20016

Social Innovation Summit 2015 – the premiere

As Sweden’s collective national knowledge platform for social innovation and social entrepreneurship, FSIS saw a huge need to gather stakeholders from all sectors. To take a common approach on social innovation, connected to the most important challenges we are currently facing in society today. The first ever Social Innovation Summit took place on 24-25 November in 2015, at Slagthuset in Malmö, and was arranged together with the City of Malmö. The theme was Shaping a Nordic Model of Social Innovation – with the purpose of showing and inviting stakeholders to join us in creating a Nordic model for social innovation, and through that strengthen and develop the innovation work in the Nordics. The program focused on a couple of themes: Sustainable development of cities, Entrepreneurship, Innovation in the Public sector, Financing social innovation, CSR – sustainability that creates good for business and society, Cooperation and design for social innovation, and Collaborative economy.

It was an amazing, and well-attended premier, with approx. 500 visitors from several countries. The major key-note speakers this year was among others, Sir Ronald Cohen (Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group), Kevin Jones (SOCAP), Pär Larshans (Ragn-Sells) Geoff Mulgan (Nesta), Chris Sigaloff (Kennisland), Ernest Radal (Mobilearn) Tris Lumley (New Philanthropy Capital), Sofia Appelgren (Mitt Liv), Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh (City of Malmö), Minister for Public Administration Ardalan Shekarabi and many, many more.

FSIS launched the 100 social innovations project, and participants got the chance to influence the project and give valuable input. The Summit Salon, with several interactive concepts, was highly appreciated and Social Innovation Summit trended on Swedish Twitter during the days of the conference.

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