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Social Innovation Summit – Creating Value

04 maj 2017

Sweden’s yearly summit for Social Innovation will take place 14-15th November. This year’s tagline is Creating Value.

Social Innovation Summit is Sweden’s yearly gathering for social innovation. Entrepreneurs, change makers, investors, innovators, politicians and policy makers from all sectors will gather, and together try to create solutions for the major challenges the world Is facing today. Last year (LINK) we welcomed over 600 people to the Summit and more than 100 speakers contributed to the program.

This year, the Summit will take place on November 14-15, at Slagthuset in Malmö. For two days, we will identify future issues, work across sectors and develop new knowledge on social innovation – together. There will be opportunities to listen to exciting keynote speakers throughout the Summit, there will be several innovative and concrete examples of social innovation, as well as different ways to engage and interact, for example through workshops and roundtable discussions. Our aim is to work across sectors as much as possible during these sessions.

Simply put, social innovation is about finding new solutions to the major challenges society is facing today, preferably by creating new relationships and working across different sectors. To make it more tangible, we have chosen Creating Value as this year’s tagline. But what do we actually mean by this?

Today, more people agree that we need social innovation in order to develop our communities and society. But how should this work of renewing the functions in society look like and how can we create values and have an impact that will benefit all?

We know that complex social challenges demand new forms of leadership, and collaboration between public – private – non-profit sector and citizens. Collaborations that aim at creating win-win-win solutions, where the effects of these innovations and collaborations will create value for their own organization, as well as society as a whole. It’s both about financial values, as it is about societal values such as trust, safety, health and participation.

But what is included in value, and what different types of value exist? Traditionally, values are explained through mathematical, philosophical and economic concepts. According to economist Schumpeter, value is calculated as financial growth, driven by innovation and entrepreneurship. But lately the discussion about value has been widened to include concepts of social capital, effects on society, inclusive business models, value and trust based leadership.

When we talk about social innovation, a key factor in the discussion is about creating value. How can we, and should we, set a price tag on safety, trust, happiness, collaboration, and partnership? How do we show the long-term effects for individuals and society? How can we develop new models for financing? How do we find new ways when public resources aren’t enough?

There are a couple of trends and areas of development that want to tackle this issue: the emergence of the sharing economy, methods to measure impact on society, innovation within the public sector, social impact bonds, development of different alternatives to BNP, different forms of partnerships between sectors, labs for new models of creating value and CSR-driven innovation. For all these areas, participation and accessibility are in focus, and the need to make use of citizen’s knowledge about their own needs, and new innovative tech-solutions, play a key role in creating the right conditions.

And above all, what is value for you – in your workplace – and in society? For two days, we will dive deep into this topic, discuss, debate, and create new ways of looking at, and developing values, for individuals as well as society at large.

Welcome to this year’s Social Innovation Summit ”Creating Values”, November 14-15, in Malmö.

Read more at: www.sisummit.se