Joeri van den Steenhoven: the multi-expert of systems change and social innovation

What are you working with right now? 

I am advising and training people and organizations in systems change worldwide. Some examples:

  • I recently worked with US-based organization 100kin10. This is an organization that tries to solve the shortage of STEM teachers across the US using a systems change approach. They are a network organization of 300 partners that together work and learn how to address this enormous challenge with the goal to find 100,000 new STEM teachers within a decade. My work with them focused on how to best promote adoption of solutions that have proven to work.
  • I recently trained civil servants of Victoria Government in Australia in applying systems change approach to complex policy problems.
  • I now also work in the Netherlands to help universities, academic medical hospitals, companies, start-ups and governments to work together smarter in health innovation and building a health innovation cluster


What makes your work so successful? 

A combination of passion and process. Passion to solve complex challenges that help build a better world combined with deep interest in designing and facilitating innovation process where diverse people work together towards a common goal. Never underestimate power of human ingenuity and creativity. Systems change is about unleashing and building that capacity.


Can you give the participants at the Social Innovation Summit a little teaser for your speech! 

A system is always perfectly designed to produce the results it currently gets. If you are not satisfied with the results, then you need to change that system. Systems change is finding where to best intervene to produce large scale and long-lasting change, and then experimenting with different interventions to find out what works.