What is a Social Innovation Summit special edition? (do I need to be present in Malmö etc?)

At the moment, there are limitations when it comes to physical meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why we’re developing a hybrid variation of this year’s SI Summit – a special edition ­– a mix of pre-produced and high-quality material in combination with physical and digital elements. We’re striving to offer a flexible format compliant with no matter restrictions and circumstances in November, giving us the opportunity to develop and perform a vibrant meeting place. The new set-up allows the attendees to join the SI Summit digitally from any corner of the world, or if in Malmö join physically at one or several portals. Each portal will host a stage, moderator, guests and a limited audience – a smaller live Summit event.


Will there be ticket sales for this year’s Social Innovation Summit?


Yes, there will be tickets for the local portals in Malmö. More information on when these tickets are released as well as the conference programme will be presented later this spring on social media and our website /links/.


Is Social Innovation Summit a Swedish speaking conference or not?

As usual, the sessions at the SI Summit will be held either in Swedish or in English. Normally all keynote speakers are held in English.

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