This year’s theme: SOCIETY/IMPACT/YOU

Social innovations take place at several different levels in society. Individuals come up with smart solutions for how to do things better in our everyday life and in our cities. Civil servants and politicians challenge the borders of bureaucracy to renew politics. Companies renew their role and become not only for profit organizations. The academy creates social benefits through new perspectives and new knowledge to benefit for all. New technology and knowledge open up opportunities for new social movements in design thinking, sharing economics, nudging and circular environmental thinking among others.

At the same time, we are daily fed with gloomy news about the vulnerability of young people, the powerlessness of politics, increasing polarization and gaps, climate threats and a derailed democracy. But “Ordo ab chao” or as one can put it – Out of chaos, comes order. Everything is not hopeless. On the contrary. A certain sense of chaos keeps us on our toes. Daring to rest in a chaos, prospers creativity and the opportunity for innovation. What is there really to lose?

More and more people have realised the potential of social innovation. It’s now all about coming together. From individual to organisation. From organisation to society, locally, nationally and globally. What responsibility do we have as citizens, organisations and society? How do we get a corporate and organisational culture and individual abilities that make social innovation play a crucial role in working with our major future challenges? And how do we create a policy and politics that demands social innovation and thereby opens up a market and demand for new thinking?

Join us on this year’s trip to the Social Innovation Summit 2019.

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