Eco-Social Innovation: Living Ecologies in Urban and Rural Spaces

The theme of this year’s summit “Society, Impact, You” reflects the multifaceted challenge and necessity of social innovation in an era of uncertainty and widespread unsustainability. Immediate, radical and extraordinary changes is part of the current ecological, social, economic and epistemological crises. All are linked, in time and space, and the required changes is rarely straightforward. Consumerism and individualism rooted in the heart of globalized capitalism is under pressure as are our priorities, values, culture, and economic system. In contemporary societies, we have moved beyond a situation where we can separate societal action from individual action. Following this, the session on eco-social innovation represents an attempt to move beyond a pure diagnosis of the multi-dimensional crises in the living ecology whether related to farming, urban standards, enterprise or any other particular sector of ‘modern’ life. Eco-social innovation in this sense is about making visible that it is possible to re-introduce and reinvent human practices, building on other human-nature-society relations than those leading to contemporary ecological crisis in the first place.
In this session we invite presenters and participants to engage in a dialogue on specific actions and potential change of how we perceive valid knowledge for the benefit of social innovation as actions that have an impact. Such actions may have “You” (the individual) or “Society” as the starting point; the most important is that they are intertwined and even preconditions for each other. How can we move towards more regenerative production-consumption practices in both rural and urban life?
Moderator: Lars Hulgård