Jesper Kjellerås

CEO @ Impact Hub Stockholm

Jesper Kjellerås has been working with change management for over 2 decades. He graduated from the Kaospilot in Denmark, a leadership program for change makers and operated his own consultancy to assist organisations with creating change (eg. social inclusion work for municipalities to reduce street violence and property damage by including youth). In 2007, he founded R17 – Sweden’s first co-working space for social innovation, which later transformed into Impact Hub, where, among a lot of other things, the Swedish government launched the countries innovation strategy in 2012 which brought social innovation into the public dialogue.

Today he influences politics and businesses to look towards greater inclusivity and meaningful change. Jesper works for Vinnova with assessments to drive innovation, he sits in the jury for the Stockholm innovation award. He has created scaling programs to help changemakers to scale meaningful solutions internationally and been a keynote speaker in New Zealand and is now supporting the opening of a new hub in Waikato and building key relationships between the fourth sector in the Swedish and Indian context.

He uses his experience to drive global growth and innovation as an associate to Impact Hub’s global network of 100+ hubs in 55+ countries and has given a platform for people like Mohammad Yunus, up and coming social entrepreneurs and non-profits to find new opportunities and inspire and mobilise others to create change. He has been involved in the annual Social Innovation Summit in Malmö for many years to host conversations that matters.