Sandersson Jones

Creative Director and Co-Founder @ Sunday Assembly

In 2008 Sanderson Jones left his job as an advertising salesman to become a stand up. In 2012 he sold out the Sydney Opera House. Incredibly, he did this by selling every single ticket to the show by hand. What’s more, the technology loving geek researched the audience and incorporated their online lives into his show.

In January 2013 Sanderson, alongside comedian Pippa Evans, started up a non-religious church called the Sunday Assembly, it celebrated life through talks, comedy and songs. The concept went viral and there are now 28 Assemblies across the world. They started a global movement within a year and it is now even included in the GCSE syllabus for Religious Education! Earlier this year Sanderson talked on BBC Radio 4 about the phenomenon of ‘swapping Psalms for pop songs’.

Sanderson isn’t your normal comedian, he knows about how to start a business from scratch and all that goes into it, he also researches his audience before the event and builds their online profiles into his routine (something which developed off the back of him selling his tickets by hand!). So his comedy is multifaceted, a bit inspirational, interactive, and not to mention eye wateringly funny.

The friendly funnyman with the uplifting tale will bring a smile to any event, business or otherwise. People are endlessly fascinated by themselves, and with a bespoke, personalized performance your event will live long in the memory.