Stellan Nordahl

Co-creator @ Emprogage

Co-creator, Business Philosopher, Leadership Consultant. Stellan Nordahl is a well-known think inducer and inspirational facilitator passionate about the paradigm shift from becoming best in the world to be best for the world.

Stellan has been the initiator of the Intentional Decision model, to facilitate the shift by intentionally choosing empathy, proactivity and engagement. He is CEO of Nykraft AB, primus motor of the leadership program Insiktsfullt Ledarskap and Co-creator of Emprogage, a consultancy firm working for what is best for the world. Stellan is engaged in various contexts and projects for societal development as Innovizion Arena, Ship of a New Story, Future by Lund and Embassy of Sharing.

Stellan has worked with business development, leadership and organisational culture for more than ten years. He holds a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, a B.Sc in Business and Economics and a B.Sc in Social Science. He is also Captain in the Swedish Army.