Social Innovation Summit

This year’s Social Innovation Summit is, if possible, more important than ever before. The pandemic has not only shown that we must cooperate across sectors to quickly adapt to changing preconditions, but also demonstrated how much we need each other in times of transition.

During such times, we see innovation and new forms of collaboration creating new solutions to arising challenges. A crisis doesn’t only pose challenges, but can also open up and enable positive ways of change. This year’s Summit will explore solutions created as a response to widespread crises and significant changes. We will highlight passionate individuals and organisations that, through their commitment, pave the way for others.

This Social Innovation Summit will raise questions such as:

  • Times of change – Societies post COVID-19: what will last and what will fundamentally change?
  • Transforming into new realities: what skills and types of leadership are needed to create more resilient societies in the future?
  • Crisis driving new opportunities and innovation: which partnerships and financial models will promote new innovations?
  • The value of social innovation and entrepreneurship: how can we make sure we benefit from the possible opening for ’system change’ that this current crisis has created?

At this year’s Social Innovation Summit, we explore how we as a society can learn, grow and transition into a better future, together.

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