Alia Amir

PhD, Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics @ Uppsala university

By profession, Alia Amir is a sociolinguist and a conversation analyst with fifteen years of experience teaching and doing research on topics related to the English language, English proficiency, and training pre-service teachers. Her Ph.D. is at the intersections of language policy and conversation analysis of English classes in Sweden at the compulsory school level. She is a published author in Journals like Classroom Discourse & Palgrave Macmillan. She is a co-founder of Swedish Pakistanis & Muslim Scientists Europe which are social networking groups made for inclusion & networking. She is also affiliated with KTH & Mid-Sweden University and is a contributor to the Ethnologue.

In her personal life, she enjoys the constant spoilt mothering of her adult children with whom she often explores the islands of Stockholm and enjoys the mundane beauties of changing weather. She is a published writer, and a lover of world cultures, languages, and traditions. She is passionate about equality and inclusion for all marginalized people in the world.

To read more about her research and publications, visit or She can also be reached at Twitter: @aliawhs.


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