The Unconference Space

This year makes it the sixth time The Unconference Space is held at the Social Innovation Summit. The Unconference Space is organized and facilitated by the Impact Hub Stockholm team. There is nothing traditional about this Unconference set up.  There are no keynote speakers or pre-set program to adhere to. The people who participate in the Unconference are the ones who will host and drive the conversations. This encourages collaboration, empowers new thinking, and connects people.

This specific Unconference Space session will focus on ”The future of our home and city”.

Background: The pandemic forced us to reuse our homes and cities in new ways. Examples of new trends in our lives are home offices, taking a walk, avoiding public transportation, etc. In this session, we will talk about how we use our homes and city now during the pandemic and if we will keep doing the same after the pandemic, and if so – why?

You do not have to be an expert to participate – come as you are! For the full experience, make sure to have your camera and microphone on.